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Sledgebats™ is a revolutionary training bat that is now being used by professional baseball players, college baseball and softball teams, high school teams and by many of the best professional hitting instructors all over America. This innovative training tool will make players improve their swing mechanics while assisting the development of the skills needed to achieve the perfect point-of-contact on the sweet spot of any bat. It will help you to develop into a line drive hitter, while improving your power. It has been designed, developed and engineered by former MLB players and scouts to create great hitters when used within your practice sessions, drills and batting tee work.

How It Works
The unique design of Sledgebat™ forces a batter to "focus" and "feel" how to make small adjustments to their swing in order to hit line drives. Each bat is precision balanced and weighted for maximum training results. Players of all shapes and sizes will improve the consistency of their bat to ball contact position while optimizing their muscle memory swing development.

The Results
Proper, consistent contact using the Sledgebat™ produces solid line drives up the middle. If contact is off center, less than perfect results are easily noticeable and correctable. The instant visual feedback on every swing will provide the athlete with the information necessary to adjust their swings and make perfect point of contact.

Time Frame
With proper use, most players will notice adjustments to their swing within a short time frame. These changes can be frustrating at first as you learn to feel your perfect contact point. These adjustments are very positive and will become natural to your swing. Start off with easy swings (50%) to hit the ball up the middle. After a few good practice sessions, you can increase your bat speed to (75%). When you become capable of hitting line drives consistently, you can move to full speed swings. Most players that have trained daily with the sledgebats, have developed a more efficient, consistent swing in 21 days or less. Every player has varying degrees of ability. Therefore, he or she may need more or less time to develop the solid consistent swing necessary for great success on the field.

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