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In November 2010, Sledgebats LLC started to put together a team of professionals, with the goal of helping players to become future great wood bat hitters. Hitters that could produce the same type of outstanding results as they did in high school or college. We knew that changing a player’s swing dramatically was not the answer. We wanted a product that would prepare players and help them flourish if they had the opportunity or chance of playing pro ball.

Our group was frustrated by watching players fail to produce when they moved into leagues that required the use of wood bats. Power hitters with aluminum type bats became singles hitters. Batting averages and slugging percentages were impacted dramatically. The truly gifted young player and future wood bat hitters that consistently squared up the ball became too hard to recognize on the field or in the draft. Very good hitters with nice swings have been overlooked because the stats they put up no longer separated them from others.  

Our product development team is comprised of former major and minor league players, MLB Scouts and current professional baseball players. Each of these athletes and professionals has contributed in the development of our training equipment line. Engineers and designers worked long hours with players to create our products. After several years in development, in which hundreds of prototypes were tested, manufactured, changed, and reworked, we at Sledgebats believe our team developed the best solutions to some of the toughest challenge in all of sports…

Our Sledgebats and Tophanders will help every players learn how to hit a baseball or softball with only the “perfect point of contact” and with any type of bat.

Downlaod PDF - What bat companies did to baseball bats


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