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    Phil Ouellette: Director of Sales

    Phil OuelletteProfessional baseball player 10 years. MLB player. 1988 Triple AAA all-star. MLBPAA and APBPA lifetime member. Professional catching and hitting instructor. Baseball coach, father and mentor.

    As a former professional baseball player, I have a great opportunity to work with and train young players (boys and girls) to help them fulfill their dreams and improve their athletic skills. I believe with hard work, and by training with the best techniques and professional instructors available an athlete becomes their best. All the athletes training with me use the Sledgebat and Tophander during every hitting session. I would recommend it to every athlete playing ball today. No other training aid requires perfection as much as these tools. The instant visual feedback has made my players now coach themselves. Awesome!

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    Brian Murtha
    Brian Murtha

    Sledgebats Sales Director, Eastern U.S.

Professional baseball player 5 years, Doyle baseball instructor, Chandler baseball scout and college prep wood bat leagues development instructor.

As a professional baseball instructor, I work with young hitters ranging from 10 - 18 years of age; I think it would be safe to say that no two player’s swings are exactly alike. Each swing is unique. That said…once a player has learned "how" to swing in order to "hit”, then all coaches and instructors must realize one absolute fact… You can learn how to swing in order to make contact but that does not make you a HITTER!

Additionally, the best bat speed in the world does not equate to being a great hitter. A former MLB player once said to me, "A beautiful repeatable swing with great bat speed means nothing, without that perfect point of contact!"

That is why I train all my students with the Sledgebat. It is the only hitting training tool I have ever seen that teaches a hitter how to "feel and see" perfect point of contact. Hitting is extremely difficult. In addition, if you "can't feel it, you can't do it!" The unique design and balance of the Sledgebat allows every coach and player with the opportunity to "feel" what they need to do in order to more consistently place the sweet spot of their bat on the ball. The "sphere on sphere" design provides each hitter with immediate visual feedback based on the angle of the ball coming of the clubface of the Sledgebat.

With the Sledgebat, not only do my students feel success, they can see it as well. The total improvements in hitting ability from my students is amazing. Thank you Sledgebat for giving every hitter in today's game a greater opportunity to learn the true secret to a higher batting average and increased power... Consistent perfect point of contact!

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