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The Truth about Hitting

A professional hitting coach can help you create a swing path that will improve your hitting. They work hard to improve your swing by targeting small corrective measures to your technique. A professional hitting coach can never guarantee you will become a great hitter. They can guide you on the right path to good results. Hitting coaches develop an athlete’s ability to be their very best. Great hitters come from those players who have developed the ability to produce a consistent, strong, repeatable swing, with great point of contact against all competition.

The Facts about Hitting

To be a great hitter using a wood bat, you must learn how to make perfect point of contact on the sweet spot. Each player has their own unique perfect point of contact, because of his or her individual size, strengths and abilities. With the Sledgebat, the athlete will learn how to make perfect contact. Any corrections they need to make are attributed to the instant visual feedback received after each swing. The hitter must swing correctly in order to hit consistent line drives. The unique ball/sphere design of this practice bat develops and trains the player’s hand and eye coordination to create that perfect contact. With daily practice, swings will become shorter and more powerful. You’re competition and teammates will see a change on the ball field.

Made in the USA

Sledgebats professional training equipment line, is currently in use by Major and Minor League baseball players, college and high school baseball and softball teams, elite summer travel ball teams and organizations, MLB academy coaches and by many of the best professional hitting instructors in the USA. Solid built construction and design for years of extensive hard usage. The Sledgebat is simply the best tool for developing perfect contact.

The Science of Sledgebats™

The science of sledgebats

Sledgebat Training Instruction

Sledgebat training

MLB Batting Average by Hitting Zone

MLB Hitting Zones

The Sledgebat™ strengthens arm muscles which improves a  batter’s ability to hit more pitches thrown within the red and blue zones.

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