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What people are saying about SledgeBats™:

George Genovese – MLB player, MLB Scout for over 40 years, Responsible for signing over 40 MLB players, All Stars and HOF Inductees. Professional Baseball player 15 years. The training equipment is unique in design and I can clearly see the results achieved by the athletes that are training with them. I am seeing improvement by young players that I didn’t expect to see. I think I’ve seen just about everything ever made to teach hitters to improve. The training equipment made by Sledgebats has my complete endorsement. I know how well it works to improve the hitter’s ability to make better solid contact. Great stuff and quality.

James Bishop - High School baseball coach, MLB UYA academy coach, RBI World Series Champions 2009, Professional baseball player 13 years. My high school team has been using the Sledgebat for a few weeks. We have been squaring balls up, as we have never done before. The Sledgebat is a great training tool for the eyes and hand coordination, and it teaches players how to hit the ball on the "SWEET" part of the bat. If you want to become a good hitter, I recommend the SLEDGEBAT. “This training bat is awesome”

Jessie Reid – MLB player, 1ST round draft choice. 6TH pick overall, Professional baseball player 14 years. Coach and professional hitting instructor. This training bat is amazing at developing a player’s point of contact. It feels like a real wood bat in your hands and has great balance. I love to see kids improve rapidly when using this bat and the other quality training products made by Sledgebats. I can’t wait to see what they make next. I recommend this product to everyone that wants to improve their hitting.

Joel Crisler – High School baseball coach – Professional baseball player 6 years. Thanks for sending the Sledgebat and TopHander. These are excellent training tools for our hitters. I’m really impressed with the high quality construction and obvious durability of these products. Both of these training tools really teach the proper swing path to the ball to create maximum backspin line drives. Really important to develop power hitters, even in the era of the BBCOR bats we have to use. The hitters love them because they get immediate feedback for making a bad swing without constant supervision from the coaches. Attached to a separate e-mail is my order for six more of these great hitting aids. I just hope the teams we are pitching against don’t have access to these!

James E – 8 years Professional Baseball player. Professional Hitting Coach I have been coaching and giving private hitting lessons to MLB players, Minor leaguer players and high school kids for well over 30 years. I have seen every hitting/training tool on the market and have watched people buy lots of cheap stuff that cannot help an elite athlete. This training bat gives great feedback after every swing. I understand that parents and athletes want an edge. This bat has made my athletes make perfect swings. I have players from 12 to 35 years old using the Sledgebat and TopHanders and all of them now doing the same workout and hitting drills regardless of their age. It will continue to be the major part of our practices as long as I can continue to coach baseball hitting lessons.

Player Testimonials:

Mason J - I'm a 17 year old senior in High School. I began using the Sledgebat three months ago and can honestly say it has helped transform my hitting. The best part of the Sledgebat is it teaches you how to put the correct part of the barrel on the ball. You can't fake it with the Sledgebat; it gives you instant feedback without having to have an instructor or coach looking on. After continuous use you learn how to put the barrel of the bat on the ball correctly and hit line drive after line drive. Finding a hitting tool that helps correct bad swing patterns is almost impossible to find. I currently play in a wood bat league and I have squared up more balls on the sweet spot than ever before. I highly recommend the Sledgebat. I believe you will be as amazed with the results as I am.

J. D. -- In high school, before I was able to purchase a Sledgebat, I would constantly dip my back shoulder which created a loop in my swing. This problem led to a decrease in power and an increase in pop ups. The Sledgebat is a great training bat that helped me learn the proper swing path to be successful in baseball. The Sledgebat made me learn to hit the ball only with the sweet spot. The design promotes only perfect point of contact while creating the backspin that makes the ball travel further. I’m a starting college catcher with a good swing. Thank-you Sledgebats

G. W – I’m a high school senior that trained all offseason with the Sledgebat that my father bought for me. I’m currently leading the entire high school league in home runs and slugging % and third in batting average. Last season I didn’t even make the JV team. Now I’m on the State’s top 10 leaderboards for stats. Thank you Sledgebats for my swing, better than I could have dreamed. Hard work is paying off.

Jake T – I’m 13 and play pony baseball. My coach has all the kids hit with the Sledgebat at practice. I’ve trained with it for several months and am one of the best hitters on my team. Last season I batted 8TH and now I bat 3RD. My mom got me a Sledgebat for my birthday in my favorite team’s colors. I use it every day and my dad told me I’m now a very good hitter.

Mr. T – My son has a Sledgebat. I’ve told him he was a good hitter his whole life. He has improved so much as a hitter that I’m amazed. No hitting coach has ever helped him as much as this bat has. It paid for itself with the great results and swings. I’m a proud parent. Every ballplayer that ever struggled hitting should have one. Thank – you Sledgebats. Great tool.

Parent Testimonials:

Robert J – The investments in time and money I have made for my kids to play baseball and softball at a highest level by going to showcase events and tournaments has been huge. The best thing I ever did was buy a Sledgebat for each of my children. Now the schools are coming to watch my kids play. Wow can my kids hit the ball hard now. It’s simply unbelievable. Thanks.

Dave R – I bought a Sledgebat for my 9 year old son who plays baseball on an elite travel team in So. California. Now the whole team has them and we crush the ball every game. This training bat has improved my sons and out teams hitters. No more consistent wood bat dribblers for hits by us. We mash the ball on the sweet spot. We have lost only 2 games this season. We lead all teams in home runs and hits. It’s the training bat (Sledgebats) that has made the big difference.

Kathy O – My daughter had always struggled to hit. We traveled everywhere for batting lessons and with many coaches that other parents talked about. Nothing seemed to really help her and make her hit better. We saw a player on the other team using a Sledgebat for practice drills before the game. This girl was a great hitter, best on her team. My husband approached her father and was told that the training bat had improved his children’s swing so much that he bought 3 of them. Well to be short…We bought one and now our daughter is hitting great. College bound

Lee S – My children both have a Sledgebat and let me say this to everyone who has a child playing baseball of softball. It has made such a big difference when they hit. They never hit like this before. They both have made such big improvements when hitting, that I can truly say for the first time that I’m watching the best hitters on the field. I am now the proud father of two power hitters. It’s nice when people talk with me about their hitting. I just tell them to get a Sledgebat and stay out of their kid’s way, sit back and watch. Thank you Sledgebats

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